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The Maine Cannabis Campus

Maine Cannabis Caregiver
Mark established The Maine Cannabis Campus as the core to support his vision of a vertically integrated cannabis company.

The Marijuana industry in Maine has thrived through technological advancement and regularly developing influential policy changes. Many would agree that the industry has brought Maine to the forefront of cannabis-led change in this country. This holds true for The Maine Cannabis Campus, which has been dynamically involved in setting standards for the future of the marijuana industry. Mark Crockett, founder of The Maine Cannabis Campus, has been innovative and opportunistic in finding new ways to approach business in the Maine cannabis industry and its benefits.

The Maine marijuana industry truly reflects the spirit of Maine and it’s consumers. We are neighbors; we are family, we are friends. Maine cannabis business owners, like Mark, are dedicated to the continued development and modernization of the industry. These advancements, combined with the unique Maine influence, will continue to bring success to our state. This industry has a bright future when it remains focused on contemporary, cooperative businesses for Maine marijuana consumers. Many companies are shifting to a focus of working together within the industry to provide the best possible products, and care for our consumers. The Maine Cannabis Campus believes this integration is vital for the future.

Mark Crockett has been a well known and respected business owner in the cannabis industry since 2012. Mark established The Maine Cannabis Campus as the core to support his vision of a vertically integrated cannabis company. His experience has determined vertical integration is essential to maintain influence and quality control over all aspects of the development
of premium cannabis products — from seed to sale to the consumer. As the industry’s education and knowledge expanded nationally, Mark realized the demand and necessity of cannabis extracts and distillate. With his experience and the success of his cultivation company, Cannabis Cured, he built a state of the art processing facility.

This revolutionary processing facility is one of the most advanced operations in Maine. It currently produces distillate under the name CannaNectar LLC, edibles under the brand Mainely Baked LLC, and concentrates under the brand Full Spectrum Solutions LLC, in Fairfield, ME. Additionally, they offer processing to other cannabis companies, focusing on clean processing, with the highest yield possible at all times.

With the most recent changes in Maine State cannabis law, Mark has been able to expand the distribution of his diversified cannabis medicine through the caregiver storefront relationships he has established throughout Maine. The caregiver storefront Cannabis Cured in Rockland / Thomaston works closely with Green Alien Cannabis in Bangor, Northern Grown in Fairfield, and Elite Glass in Southern Maine. With a variety of storefront locations, there are caring and collaborative professionals to assist Maine marijuana Patients. Mark is looking forward to opening up a Green Alien Cannabis Adult-Use Recreational Store, on Congress Street in Portland. Thousands of patients have benefited from Mark and his team’s efforts. This has put his company and business relationships at the forefront of the medical marijuana industry in Maine.

Mark’s sharp business mind, combined with a community-oriented quality focus, is sure to continue to serve Maine’s marijuana consumers well. Mark has a strong drive to provide high-quality and responsibly sourced products. That drive is founded from a belief of this industry’s ability to offer effect-specific medicine and results to its consumers. Mark’s beliefs are founded on integrity, focused on the community, and designed to offer great opportunities to the ever-changing industry. The Cannabis Campus businesses brings not only high-quality collaborative care to consumers, but also provides employment opportunities and revenue to Maine. Mark has learned a lot throughout his time in the cannabis industry from his patients, team members, and numerous hours of research. He understands the benefit of surrounding himself with the right people, motivating his team, and developing a quality workplace culture. He believes a thorough integration of team members will further revolutionize the cannabis industry in Maine and the care its consumers receive. With the innovative practices of businesses like The Cannabis Campus, the industry continues to have a bright future.

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“We will continue to strive for perfection in developing effect-specific cannabis medicine for all those who are pursuing an alternative path towards natural solutions to the relief from their health challenges! As a team, we will succeed, if we keep the patients our main purpose, and our attitude and commitments towards achieving wellness.”