Mission Statement

“We will continue to strive for perfection in developing effect-specific cannabis medicine for all those who are pursuing a alternative path towards a natural solutions to the relief from their health challenges! We as a team will succeed, if we keep the patients our main purpose, and our attitude and commitments towards achieving wellness for those in need!”

Mark Crockett, CEO of Maine Cannabis Campus

In 2012 after years of success with several business start-ups, Mark ventured into the medicinal cannabis industry. Unsure of where he would end up, but eager to learn and understand the power of the plant, he purchased a 100 year old school building in a small coastal town, on the East Coast of Maine. Where he took up residency and built a research facility. Here, he learned to cultivate and build systems that assured consistent quality and yields that would financially support long term aggressive growth and a diversified business plan. With each harvest he discovered the individual properties of each strain of plant and the different medicinal benefits each patient was experiencing. 

As he gained more patients and began to work with their individual health challenges, his belief in the medicinal value of the cannabis plant grew. Encouraged by patient feedback and with an ever expanding patient base, it became obvious that the need for different concentrations and ratios of cannabinoids was critical, in order to achieve medicine that was most effective to each patient’s conditions. This knowledge was crucial and proved to be the true catalyst for his success.

Founder of Maine Cannabis Campus
Maine Cannabis Lab - Short Path

As the industry’s education and knowledge expanded nationally, Mark realized the demand and need for cannabis extracts and distillate, and with his experience and the success of his cultivation company, Cannabis Cured, he built a state of the art processing facility. The million dollar facility has one of the most advanced operations in Maine. It currently produces distillate under the name CannaNectar LLC, and manufactures both edibles, under his brand Mainely Baked LLC, and concentrates under the brand Full Spectrum Solutions LLC.

In the past year, Mark built the Maine Cannabis Campus on 14 acres in Central Maine, the central hub of his companies that support a completely vertically integrated cannabis business. With the most recent changes in Maine State medical cannabis laws, Mark has been able to expand the distribution of his diversified cannabis medicine through his own caregiver dispensary as well as through several other caregiver dispensaries, that he provides his consulting and processing services to. Thousands of patients have benefited from Mark’s and his team’s efforts. This has put his companies at the forefront of the medical marijuana industry in Maine.

It’s been a team effort

Mark has learned a lot throughout his time in the cannabis industry. From his patients, team members, and numerous hours of research. He understands the benefit of surrounding himself with the right people. People who share similar goals and interests, leading him and his team members to the success they have already achieved.