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Sativa Strains
A Cannabis Campus Guide

Cannabis Sativa is a subspecies of the Cannabaceae plant, which is a flowering herb plant. Cannabis Sativa has both marijuana and hemp varieties and is used for medicinal marijuana and medicinal marijuana-based products, industrial hemp fiber, seeds, and oils. For the purpose of this informative article, we will focus on Cannabis Sativa in its medicinal marijuana and marijuana products form. 


Sativa plants grow taller and are slimmer than the other main cannabis subspecies. Sativas branches grow upwards and have long and thin leaves. Sativa plants require more patience from growers and cultivators, as they take much longer to grow than their counterpart subspecies. Sativa plants are fully mature and flowering after about 10 to 16 weeks. Sativa plants also provide lower yields than their subspecies counterparts, but their many benefits and useful effects have many claim that they are worth the wait. Sativa’s have a powerful scent because of the Sativa dominant terpene profiles they carry. Sativa strains take on aroma’s typical of herbs and plants, such as fruity and sweet like citrus. 


Like any marijuana variety, each strain within the subspecies is unique in its terpene and compound profile, scent, taste, benefits and effects. Sativa varieties tend to carry a higher THC concentration and a lower CBD concentration. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound in cannabis that provides the psychoactive effects many associate with marijuana. CBD is another beneficial compound without any psychoactive effects attached. CBD and THC are thought to work harmoniously for maximum benefits. The cannabinoid profiles within Sativa varieties help provide the mental buzz effects and energizing, focusing benefits many find that Sativa’s provide. Which subspecies a cannabis plant is classified as is the first category to look at when choosing a strain. However, the cannabinoids and terpenes specific to each subspecies and then even more specific to each strain plays a larger role in finding the strains that provide the most benefit to your unique needs. You will find that certain terpenes and compounds tend to be present in Sativa strains, and different groupings are found in the other subspecies, Indica.


All marijuana varieties offer beneficial effects and can be supportive for an array ailments and conditions. Some strains are more useful than others for specific needs. Some strains can target and support specific ailments and some can antagonize them, working with an experienced caregiver at a medical marijuana dispensary to choose the right strain is strongly recommended. Sativa strains are thought to provide anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects. Sativa plants provide an energizing effect that can counteract depression symptoms. Sativa plants increase serotonin levels within the body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which supports focus and memory retention, mood stability, better sleep, anxious feelings and balancing your appetite. Sativa strains are known for supporting the treatment of chronic pain. They are recommended for day time use and may increase focus, clarity, creativity, and productivity. Sativa strains are known for their head buzz and mental stimulation. Sativa strains are useful in social situations as they can stimulate uplifting and inspiring mental effects to dispel the anxious discomfort some may feel when confronted with socialization. 

Cannabis Sativa

Hybrid strains are another option that medical marijuana dispensaries can match you too that can offer the benefits of a Sativa variety mixed with specific benefits of an Indica variety, or a hybrid with two Sativa strains and their unique terpene and compound profiles. Hybrid’s are simply crossbred strains with parentage from either all Sativa’s, all Indica’s, or a Sativa parent and an Indica parent mix. Sativa dominant Hybrids can provide all the previously mentioned beneficial effects of a Sativa variety, but can be specifically bred to benefit specific needs and ailments and to eliminate unwanted or unneeded effects. 


Choosing and working with a trusted medical cannabis dispensary is an important step to guaranteeing access to safe, clean, marijuana medicine and to reliable, knowledgeable information and guidance from caregivers and staff. It can be useful to utilize the knowledge staff and growers will possess on the strains and products they carry and their different effects and benefits. Sometimes finding the right strain or strains for your unique needs is a process, and having the right partner by your side during this process is important.