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Leading the way to quality, effect-specific cannabis medicine in Maine

Every condition comes with unique challenges, specific to every individual. Finding how the different cannabinoids benefit our patients is key. In working one on one with each of our patients, we began to understand how to create the effect-specific medicinal benefits they seek. We continue to work hard to produce diverse strains and processing techniques with the right balance of cannabinoids to suit our patients challenges. 

Effect-Specific Cannabis

By understanding the plant and the different strains, effect-specific cannabis has been achieved. Focusing on strains that grow well and have the ideal cannabinoids to create a quality medicine. Our facility is vertically integrated to give you the best quality product.


“All the way from soil to oil.” Smoking is just one way for patients to digest the medicinal value of cannabis; However, many have found relief with edibles, concentrates, and oils from the plant. Through vertical integration we have to ability to provide many options.

Vertically Integrated

By vertically integrating, a true understanding of adding value and maintaining quality control can be applied throughout the business. By maintaining vertical integration we can control cost more effectively and provide affordable medicine.

Learn more about the Full Spectrum Solutions state of the art full processing facility. 

"Our goal is to continue to learn all we can about the medicinal values the cannabis plant has to offer."

Mark Crockett, CEO, Maine Cannabis Campus

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Growing the business, helping the community.

At Cannabis Campus we are not just building a reputation and a business, but aiming to improve and benefit the communities we do business in. Our customers are who we work hard for and who drives our focus on quality and compliance. We are community-minded and are proud to be a part of this industry. We work hard daily to always improve our products and our business. We have earned the reputation our fellow business owners have for us and are honored to hear recommendations like this: 

We are excited to watch the Maine cannabis industry grow and to continue to strive for greatness as a part of it. 

Throughout his time in the industry Mark and his team have worked hard. Mark chose to build a team with knowledgeable people, who also wanted to create high quality medicine. With each run they focused on how they could improve and perfect the medicine and processes. He has also invested in top of the line equipment and training for his team, making it possible to produce quality products.

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